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Since its Los Angeles beginnings in the spring of 2000, 7 Diamonds quickly established itself as a lifestyle brand associated with the highest standards of quality.


From the start we have believed in a shirt that could go the distance, using only the finest long staple cottons in the world to ensure a comfort and durability that lasts. 7 Diamonds puts a tremendous focus on sophisticated design and intricacies, giving our fullest attention to even the smallest attributes.

From the precision tailoring to expert stitching, our orientation towards detail and passion for fine fabrics has earned 7 Diamonds the reputation it enjoys today - that of a clothing line with innovative design and premium comfort, as well as relentless commitment to fashion-forward thinking.

commited to higher standards of customer loyalty and satisfaction

And after more than fifteen years of transcending those boundaries, we have evolved into the revolutionary brand we are today. A brand that knows whether you're on Wall Street or in the Arts District, on the football team or in the band, we have what you're looking for.

Because whatever you are, you are 7 Diamonds.

sophisticated design and intricacies

Taking great pride in our distributors, we partner with
retailers committed not only to the
high standards of the industry, but also committed to
the even higher standards of
customer loyalty and satisfaction. As a result, we are
proud to offer the 7 Diamonds brand
in both luxury department stores and high-end
boutiques around the world.


Originally arriving on the fashion scene as
innovators of the button-down shirt, 7 Diamonds
now features a full collection of clothing ranging
from knits to leathers to outerwear, and
even American-made denim. Year after year, we
continue to redefine the boundaries of
every man's wardrobe.